It is not only the sounds, colors and rhythms of Latin America which need to be better represented on the symphonic concert stage, but the Spanish language, with its magnificent, hundreds of years of world renowned literature, including the superb literature of Latin America. Choral or vocal classical works in the Spanish language are rarely heard in concert halls or broadcasts. Therefore, the promotion of music created in the entire Latin American continent will also further the presence on the concert stage of the fastest growing foreign language in the USA.

Ways in which to promote the discovery of these musical works, so that they
may reach the widest audiences possible to promote and realize, include public performances by Symphony orchestras throughout the USA, mostly during the concert season, festivals including lectures, panel discussions and exhibits, recordings, the commissioning of new works from Latin American composers, the availability of free materials to media and organizations , accessibility of Latin American/Hispanic or Spanish speaking mentors, tutors ,coaches, lecturers or performers, securing the presence of authentic performers of original Latin instruments and vocal styles, translation of Spanish texts ,broadcasts and other media presentations, such as press and television, direct contact with musical, cultural and scholarly sources in Latin America itself, and educators and musicians’ visits to schools to expose children and teachers to music by Latin American composers, suggesting possible means for inter-disciplinary education through exposure to music from all the Americas.


Article url: http://www.tangofestival.net/bendor.htm

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