Argentina can be described as a country displaying manifold identities and cultural traditions which are engraved in all of their artistic expressions. Music rises as one of the most proliphic of those expressions and it has undoubtedly been one of the major foundations so that this country can currently be regarded as part of the worldwide cultural scenario. Argentina was strongly influenced by the European culture. The advent of academic music and its instruments took place in early stages, though it was only in the XVIII century that its popularity began to grow until becoming deep-rooted as it still is today.

Among the great Latin American capitals, Buenos Aires enjoys a musical life of unique importance by virtue of its many theatres, orchestras and choral associations, and its good educational institutions. In addition, frequent contact with visiting foreign composers, musicologists or performers has afforded local musicians a comprehensive view of the contemporary musical world.



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Christine Denniston is author of The Meaning of Tango, Dancing Tango – Unlocking the Mysteries and Secrets of the Tango – 1914

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