Among Argentina’s most popular forms are the zamba, a slow dance in 3/4 time played primarily on guitar and bombo legüero (the Indigenous Argentine bass drum). Once considered Argentina’s national dance, the zamba originated in Perú in the Creole genre known as the zamacueca, which was adopted in Chile as the cueca and became Chile’s official national dance in the late 1970s. Another style called the chacarera is a widely popular form dating back to the 19th century, emerging in the northwestern region of Argentina. Like many South American rhythms, the chacarera is counted in 6/8 meter, and is also a popular dance. Another notable genre is the chamamé, originating in the northeastern region of Corrientes around the late 19th century. With a myriad of European influences, its multiple styles include the polca (polka) and the vals (waltz), and are played mainly on guitar and the accordion-derived bandoneón.



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