Manuel Gomez Carrillo – 1883

Manuel Gomez Carrillo (March 8, 1883- March 18, 1968)

Gomez Carrillo  Argentine composer and ethnomusicologist.   He studied at the Salta Seminary and the Colegio de los Lourdistas, Catamarca, at the Thibaud-Piazzini Conservatory, Buenos Aires, and finally with Alfredo Grandi in Santiago del Estero and José Rodoreda (harmony and composition) in Buenos Aires.  In 1916 he was commissioned by the University of Tucumán to collect folk music in north Argentina; two volumes of his harmonizations were published as Danzas y cantos regionales del norte argentino (Buenos Aires, 1920).   He gave many lectures on this subject, and he was director of music at the Rosario Profesorado Nacional de Arte and inspector of music in the province of Santiago del Estero, as well as holding various teaching posts. His principal orchestral works are the Rapsodia santiagueña (1922), first performed in Paris, Danza de la huaca, the Symphonic Suite, and the ballets La Telesita and La Salamanca. In about 1950 Gomez Carrillo and his three sons Manuel, Julio and Jorge formed an international vocal quartet, sometimes expanded to include his wife the pianist Inés Landeta, and their daughters Inés, a pianist, and Carmen, a choral conductor.


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