Irma Ruiz – 1938

Irma Ruiz (April 24th, 1938)

Argentine ethnomusicologist and teacher.  She studied music at the Municipal Conservatory of Music and anthropology at the University of Buenos Aires. In the late 1960s she abandoned an intended piano career for ethnomusicology which she studied at the Instituto Nacional de Musicología (INM). With Jorge Novati, she then began a systematic study of indigenous music in Argentina. From 1971 she was in charge of the ethnographic music section at the INM, becoming chief of the scientific-technical division in 1981 and serving as the director of the institute (1983–5, 1993–7). From 1984 she edited various publications and organized the Argentine musicology days, which led to the creation in 1985 of the Asociación Argentina de Musicología (AAM), of which she served as vice-president (1985–8) and president (1989–94).

In 1987 she promoted the annual AAM conference, together with the musicology days. Since 1983 she has been an official researcher for CONICET (Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas). She taught in the department of anthropology, University of Buenos Aires (1978–83), and since 1987 has been teaching the anthropology of music in the department of arts at the same institution. A visiting professor at the University of Granada, she has received numerous research grants from INM, the OAS (Organization of American States), CONICET and the University of Buenos Aires. Her studies of aboriginal music reveal a musico-anthropological approach and focus on Argentine ethnic groups (especially the Mbyá-Guarani) and others from Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru. She has also investigated the history of tango.


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Gerard Béhague

2 Responses to “Irma Ruiz – 1938”

  1. I would like to enter in contact with ethnomusicologist Irma Ruiz because I’m developing a research about Guarani people in estate of Espírito Santo, Brasil. My name is Raquel Moraes, music teacher at Faculdade de Música do Espírito Santo.
    I thank you very much.
    yours sincerelly,

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