Pedro Laurenz – 1902








Pedro Laurenz  (October 1902 – July 1972)

Bandoneonist, director and composer
Full Name: Pedro Blanco Acosta (Laurenz was the last name of his mother’s first husband.)


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 Pedro Laurenz was a great tango personality, basically as bandoneon player and composer. Relatively less though still significant was his influence as orchestra director. He was a bandoneon player of great techniques, skilful with both hands (high and low-pitches), superb in sound, energetic in performances and vehement in phrases. He was the founder of a performance school.  He composed outstanding tangos and wrote exquisite variations for pieces such as “Mala junta” and “Mal de amores”.   The climax of his trajectory came between the mid-20s and mid-40s.

Still a child, he took violin classes but at the age of fifteen, while living in Montevideo, he took up the bandoneon, urged by his brothers Félix and Eustaquio. His first outstanding performances were with the today forgotten orchestra directed by the pianist Luis Casanovas in which also played, standing at his back, two violinists who would then become famous: Edgardo Donato (the composer of “A media luz“) and Roberto Zerrillo. He also played for the orchestra of the bandoneon player Eduardo Arolas -for some, the greatest composer ever given by the tango- at the cabaret “Moulin Rouge”.









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