Pablo Ziegler-1944


Pablo Ziegler  (September 2nd, 1944)

Pablo ZieglerAn Argentine composer based in Buenos Aires and also New York City.  Present day, he is the leading advocate of nuevo tango, given the reputation he has made for himself while working expansively as Astor Piazzolla’s habitual pianist in the 1980s.  His playing style is instantaneously recognized due to his style being sharply percussive as well as metallically lyrical.  Ziegler, as a composer, has taken Piazzollo’s contrapuntal attitude to tango music, but has made it his own by adding more of a jazz influence, as well as the regular use of a drum kit. 

In 1985 Ziegler composed music for the film Adios Roberto, an Argentine film based on homosexuality.On March 21, 2009, Ziegler played in Herbst Theatre, located in San Franscisco, during the performance, “Tango Meets Jazz” with Nestor Torres.




Pablo’s Music on Argentine Films


La pandilla aventurera (1987)


Los matamonstruos en la mansión del terror (1987)


Las colegialas (1986)


Brigada explosiva contra los ninjas (1986)


Brigada explosiva (1986)


Tacos altos (1985)


Adiós, Roberto (1985)

Pablo’s music on Theater

 1974 – Woyzeck de Georg Büchner “Teatro Armando Discépolo”
Dirección : Jorge Eines
Actores: Adrián Ghio / Cristina Banegas
Cantante: Any Grunwald

Música: Pablo Ziegler 1975 – Rugantino ocho y medio
Dirección : Carlos Perciavalle
Actores: Carlos Perciavalle / Ludovica Squirru / Isabel Uriburu

Música: Pablo Ziegler 1976 – Polvo de Estrellas
Dirección: David Stivel
Actores: Barbara Mujica / Marilu Marini / Cecilia Rosetto / Enrique Pinti / Jorge Luz

Música: Pablo Ziegler 1976 – Cabaret Bijou de Alfredo Zema
Dirección : Alfredo Zema
Actores: Juan Carlos Puppo / Jorge Sassi / Flora Steimberg

Música: Pablo Ziegler 1980 – A la Capital de Pepe Cibrián
Dirección: Pepe Cibrián
Actores: Pepe Cibrian / Dalma Milevos / Donna Carol / Cesar Pierry

Música: Pablo Ziegler 1981 – FEDRA de Sófocles “Teatro Nacional “
Dirección :Jorge Hacker
Actores: María Rosa Gallo y otros

Música: Pablo Ziegler 1991- Pareja Abierta de Dario Fo
Actores: Adrián Ghio y Cecilia Rossetto

Música Pablo Ziegler 1992 – Traición de Harold Pinter
Director Jorge Hacker
Actores: Arturo Bonin / Daniel Fanego

Música: Pablo Ziegler (Premio Nac. Arlequín 92 y nominado a los premios ACE.) 2003 – Cabaret Bijou (reposición) Hermitage Mar del Plata
Actores: Moria Casan / Juan Leyrado / Carolina Papaleo y otros

Música: Pablo Ziegler / Carlitos Nuñez

2008 – “Que lo parió” Textos de Roberto “Negro” Fontanarrosa
Actor: Rudy Chernicof
Voz: Alejandro Appo
Dibujos de Miguel Rep
Coreografía y dirección: Pandy Bradichansky
Asiistente: Laura Muller
Música: Pablo Ziegler

Espectáculos de Cecilia Rossetto 1976 – Genoveva y los enanos
1977/79 – Cecilia y las Estrellas
1981 – El Show de la Rossetto
1985- Cecilia In concherto
1986 – Concherto II
1987- Concherto en Paz
1993 -Buenos Aires me mata con Cecilia Rossetto
Música: Pablo Ziegler

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  1. Hi, one mistake: Pablo Ziegler´s birthday isn´t September 4th, please fix it, he was born on September 2nd.
    Thank you very much

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