Carlos Roqué Alsina -1941

 Carlos Roqué Alsina

Carlos AlsinaBorn in Buenos Aires February 19th, 1941.  He later became an Argentine pianist and composer.  He worked with Berio and Maderna in 1965; after two years at SUNY, Buffalo (1966–8) he moved to Berlin, then to Paris in 1973. In 1969, with the collaboration of Vinko Globokar and Michel Portal, he founded New Phonic Art, an ensemble dedicated to new forms of improvisation. He was awarded the Guggenheim Prize in New York in 1971 for his Überwindung for four soloists and orchestra (1970) and Schichten for chamber orchestra (1971).   His work often involves elements of music theatre (La muraille, on a text by Michel Rafaelli and Taankred Dorst, 1981; Del tango, 1982) and forms of spectacle that include dance (Fusion, 1974, for two pianos and two percussionists with additional instruments played by the dancers). Alsina is fond of transforming or reinterpreting existing forms in his works; for example, the second part of his First Symphony attempts to recreate the emotional and musical world of the tango.






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