Alcides Lanza – 1929


Alcides Lanza -1929

LanzaArgentine composer, conductor, pianist and teacher. His early studies were in Buenos Aires with Ruwin Erlich (piano), Julian Bautista (composition) and Roberto Kinsky (conducting). Thereafter he attended courses given by Loriod, Messiaen, Maderna and Ginastera at the Di Tella Institute, where he worked intensively in electronic composition. He also studied electronic engineering at the Escuela Industrial de la Nación, Rosario. From 1959 to 1965 he was rehearsal pianist at the Teatro Colón, and then a Guggenheim Fellowship enabled him to study with Ussachevsky at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center (1966–70); at that time he also lectured on music appreciation at the New York City Community College. In 1971 he was appointed associate professor of composition and electronic music at McGill University, and he received a Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst grant to live in Berlin from 1972 to 1973. While in Europe he toured as associate music director of the Composer/Performers Group; he also directed the Composers’ Group for International Performance and was a member of the Asociación Música Viva of Buenos Aires, which, from 1960, has given first performances of avant-garde compositions in Argentina and elsewhere in Latin America. In addition he has, since his youth, travelled extensively in the Americas as a pianist, lecturer, composer and conductor. His major preoccupation has been electronic music. Eidesis II, first performed at Tanglewood in 1967, has, in Lanza’s words, ‘masses of sound in motion, with an enormous charge of sensuality, resolved in several “orgasms of sound. The piece employs quarter-tone tuning, special coloured lights and contact microphones for the strings.

In 1971 he was appointed professor of composition at McGill University, Montreal, and since 1974 he has been director of the Electronic Music Studio at McGill. He received the CIDEM (Consejo Interamericano de Música) 1996 award for his contribution to the promotion of contemporary music.  Alone … together …? was his second five-hour piano marathon with music from the Americas written for keyboard and electronics, held at the Pollard Concert Hall, in April 1992. In addition he has written several essays about electronic and contemporary music.







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